Choose the appropriate partition created in step Section two contains all the specific installation instructions for your distribution. Why is the Red Hat 6. A previously installed patch: Insert the DPT Disk 2 to continue. Click on Done to continue.

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Choose the appropriate partition created in step When you boot from Disk 1, you will see a menu that gives you the choices of adapyec regular install, expert mode and help mode. The next screen shows the current disk partitions, including the mount point, device, requested space for device and type of partition.

Managing RAID on Linux by Derek Vadala

Next the PCI slots are probed. Choose which disks to partition.

If you chose Custom you can choose what components you want to install from Red Hat Linux. The following documents may prove useful as you set up RAID: If your distribution is not listed, or you do not wish to use a module driver, then you will need to adatpec directly to Section III and create your own driver for your distribution. First the type of mouse is detected. Configure the time zone.


Section four contains FAQ’s about our driver installations and problems you may encounter. The operating system can automatically remove the data or you sdaptec manually partition the drives.

Choose either Disk Druid or fdisk to partition the drive. Refer to adaptef system documentation for information on installing disk drives and additional hardware. Your computer must be compliant with the PCI 2. If you chose Workstation or Server the installation continues. Type uname -a Q: Add or replace the image and initrd entries: FDISK, mkfs, and create a mount point for your new drives.

Adaptec i2o based SCSI controller fails to initialize during SLES11 installation | Support | SUSE

After choosing the boot loader location, follow the instructions for the next screen. After the driver is installed, choose whether to make a bootdisk or not. The installation is now complete. If your hard drives do not have partition tables or do not contain a recognizable partitionyou will be prompted to initialize these disks. Create the following directory if it does not already exist: Can I use that?


If you have a PCI video adapter, it will find the device, install drivers and then ask about Monitor Setup. I am not sure which kernel I am currently using?

SUSE Support

Insert the DPT Disk 2 to continue. You must include the following in your source code. When the Red Hat Welcome screen appears, type: Select the appropriate one. The password must be at least 6 characters io.

After finding the controller, you are prompted for additional SCSI adapters. At the command line type: The following installations require the i2orh Downloads Knowledgebase Compatibility Reports.