All the same, I ended up using the x resolution most of the time so I could see more stuff on the screen. You must log in or sign up to reply here. This is the most up to date chipset you can get and supposedly offers fast fix times, high sensitivity for locking satellites in urban areas and a low power drain on battery life. This was accomplished having the screen brightness set to level 3 brightness low , but the screen was still quite viewable indoors at this setting. Now R2H preinstall Mobile Theater 4.

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R2H Ultra-Mobile PC for the New Mobile Computing Era

Below that are buttons that serve as left and right mouse click buttons. The build is rock solid, the case is a very rigid and firm metallic material. This was accomplished having the screen brightness set to level 3 brightness lowbut the screen was still quite viewable indoors at this setting.

I figured that with the Celeron M processor inside power consumption and heat would be low. touchscreeen

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Your name or email address: The Asus Power4 Gear utility comes up when you hit the lower right button view large image. Inside the main box you get two more boxes, one that contains the actual Touchdcreen device and the other a whole bunch of accessories to go with your R2H.

All the same, I ended up using the x resolution most of the time so I could see more stuff on the screen.

The Super Pi benchmark test of forcing the processor to calculate Pi touchscgeen 2 million digits of accuracy gives a good indication of how slow the Celeron M chugs along.

Together with ASUS InfoPen software, users can record and edit images or documents as easy as on a piece touchcreen paper with color and highlighter options.


Products may not be available in all markets. Solid Security Management for Protected Computing To give business travelers peace of mind, the R2H offers tokchscreen data protection that meets the evolving security needs with both software and hardware solutions. You could also attach a USB keyboard to the device and type a document while using the kickstand to keep the R2 facing you. GrimnirDec 26, Finally, on the lower left toudhscreen is a button that brings up an application called Program Launcher that allows you to quickly navigate to various important program categories such as GPS and communications — this Program Launcher application is customizable by the user as to what program links it contains.

Please refer specification pages for full details. Overall the R2H has an excellent array of ports for its size. With complete function keys laid out on both sides of the front panel, users toucgscreen comfortable operation to a full set of control keys, including mouse, scroll buttons, hot keys as well as azus keypad, all at the finger tips.

I did not find a driver specificly for the touch pad and assume that the driver is part of the windows VISTA. Originally upon startup or turning on after hybernation the touch screen did not work for a few minutes and then suddenly started working normally.

When running HDTune it even warned me my hard drive was at a critical temperature of 59C, so things can certainly get warm inside. The R2 is designed to be held by two hands at the same time. Asus definitely aimed high by making this device more feature loaded than other UMPC devices.

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In the middle area of the left side is a D-Pad that allows you to easily scroll up, down, left or right in a document. The R2H came with a 4-cell battery, I was prepared for pitiful performance but was able to get 3 hours of usage out of one charge.

When you hit the lower left hand button it launches this built in application called “Program Launcher” where you can quickly navigate to useful programs to open view large image. Now R2H preinstall Mobile Theater 4. Asus included an Mobile Theater’s remote control optional support makes digital entertainment more convenient and fun than ever!

problems with asus r2h touch screen

I, for instance, touchecreen myself using it at the breakfast table to surf news web sites while drinking coffee and munching toast. It has four rubber feet on its back so when you place it lying screen face up the device is slightly elevated to allow the vents on the back to still do their work.

Simply using the included stand so the device stood facing me and then poking links with a stylus the Asus R2 is a Tablet PC with touch sensitive screen to navigate about was quite doable.

You can watch the screen redraw itself at times. Down the right side is the joystick navigation button that acts like a mouse, pushing it in acts as a left asjs. I found using Tablet PC tuochscreen and writing on the screen tough because of the size, and the feel unnatural.