Windows supports the following methods of defining page sizes: If you plan on using your printer with a Parallel interface you will need to remove the gender changer that was added to the Parallel port in order to accommodate the conversion cable. When I use Ethereal to capture packets, why do I see only packets to and from my machine, or not see all the traffic I’m expecting to see from or to the machine I’m trying to monitor? Install Ethereal on the same computer that the Boca was initially installed on. Please note that the printer cannot alternate between these two modes. In the event that you accidentally install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the old driver files in order to successfully install a new driver. This address can be changed by the user see below.

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The default mask is 0 0. This problem has also been reported for Netgear dual-speed hubs, and may exist for other “auto-sensing” or “dual-speed” hubs.

Send print jobs to the boc. The blinking cursor indicates the current setting selected. If your Boca is connected via USB you can print on it via the supplied driver. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Be careful to select the proper print resolutionor dpi. Available in versions FGL44B5 and above. If the printer is unable to get a dynamic IP address from the customer’s network in the allotted time period about one minuteit will default to the Save the project under the ‘file’ tab. Although the printer can be written to across the network by this method, the data returned from the printer can’t be read back.


Sample Code

Presently no other UDP datagrams. Print a Test Page.

Printer Models adjustable vs. Though it should never be the case, there was once an instance where two Boca Printers had the same MAC. One client had an issue where his switches would not auto-negotiate correctly with the printer.

Some switches have the ability to replicate all traffic on all ports to a single port so that you can plug your analyzer into that single port to sniff all traffic. While Word allows you to manipulate fvl page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data sent to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode. Exceptions may be made by special request.

Printer Driver Installation Guides Windows Driver Install Guide Uninstall Drivers In the event that you accidentally install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the fg, driver files in order to successfully install a new driver. This command returns the MAC number Ethernet address for the printer in the form. Your printer may also be used as a Parallel printer if you have a Parallel port on your computer.

If your printer has a factory installed USB interface, your printer should automatically install if you have the ;rinter drivers installed.


Number of echo requests. In most cases you will select — LPT1 Recommended printer port. While our printer drivers do not support bi-directional communication, it is possible to selectively bypass the driver in the Windows Environment in order to communicate bi-directionally as described on the BiDirectional Interface page.


If printerr registration is successful, you should be able to ping, print or access the Web Menu simply by using the printer name instead of orinter actual IP address.

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If you elected to print a test page it should print after clicking Finish. We do not have tools for communicating bi-directionally in Linux and Mac environments. Enter the name you wish to call the printer in the Printer Name field ex. It will printed you to set the same configuration options available under the control panel Factory Menu.

With the exception of the limited resident font and bar code choices, these drivers install and operate pirnter to the FGL drivers. Please contact your software provider to confirm if the use of our driver is required for their ticketing software. However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, etc.

Click Local printerclear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click Next. Sign up using Email and Password.