For those that have hit both, has that been your experience? Its Hyperbolic Face Technology creates Thanks for including that info. I went to a club fitter who works with alot of guys on mini tours and when he checked the swing weight it was playing d4 instead of the d2 you don’t get this service from a normal custom fit swing weights and counter balancing. I dont care how Callaway does it, the damn thing flies straight. So, time to demo. This might not sound impressive but it gives you an idea of the forgiveness in the club.

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Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. The 13 degree I mis gets it a bit high and I’m sure loses a bit of distance.

A word of warning though – this club is designed to improve consistency, not cure a slice or a hook. He put some weight in the grip which is what the tour players do to balance the weight out and now it works fine love it.

You guys really did your homework on this one. I haven’t regretted it.


Callaway FT-IQ Driver

BradG February 4, – 1: I’ve had mine 4 months and the grip is already going smooth and horrible and I only play 2 times a week. One thing that Callaway failed to mention, though if you look hard enough the information is there in small print, is the standard FT-iq is draw bias.

I’ve been told by several people that the problem, for once, is the club and not me. All four of them preferred the new version for one reason.

Callaway Ft-iq Driver | eBay

I have just got an fti q 13 qi loft. Nike VRS Covert 2. Its not a magic wand that makes everything go straight. In my opinion this is what this club is designed to dothats not to say its short on lengthbut its not its main feature.

Please calaway in to reply. You currently have javascript disabled. Thanks for including that info. Skip to main content. If you struggle with a slice, this is a tremendous driver. So, time to demo. Good read with this one. Terry Bridge November 8, – 7: We got so many requests to review this club we just had to reach out to Callaway and speak to them about covering it. I’d be very surprised the the FT-IQ bearing in mind that the 9. If you hit a draw as your stock shot, however, this club is useless.


This is not my opinion, its a fact. The ft-iq launches lower, spins less and has a hotter face, peroid. The ft-i was a very high spin driver.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However I am one of those players that can lose it to the right so having a driver slightly offset has never been an issue for me.

I’ve forgotten my password. Actual photos of the club for sale used.

Callaway FT-iQ I-Mix Driver Reviews

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. So now, onto my rating. Sell Your Golf Clubs.