The first part of the Browser software that you’ll probably encounter is Camera Window pictured above , which is used to download photos from your camera. Other improvements include Intelligent Contrast Correction, more accurate noise reduction for better image quality even at high ISOs , and iSAPS Technology, an entirely original scene-recognition technology developed for digital cameras by Canon that uses an internal database of thousands of different photos with the DIGIC IV Image Processor to improve focus speed and accuracy, as well as exposure and white balance. There’s also an auto adjustment option for those who want a quick fix. Powerful slave flash, fired by the camera’s pre-flash. The Canon SD IS has a nice flare at the top that helps you grip the little thing a bit more securely.

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The My Colors feature should be self-explanatory, save for the custom option. I’ve found its best to fill the frame with your subject and not rely to much on cropping because alot of cropping will definately degrade image quality with noise.

Dimensions W x H x D, excluding protrusions. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. By default you won’t get much information about your photo while in playback mode. Exposure, Processing, and Color The SD offers evaluative, center-weighted, and spot metering methods to determine exposure, with evaluative being the default setting.

The camera is easy to operate, with an attractive and responsive menu system.

Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Review

Online reviews suggested fair to good image quality. This limited warranty covers all defects encountered in normal use of the Products, and does not apply in the following cases:. You won’t regret a long-term relationship with this ELPH.


See price on Amazon. Color swap does exactly as it sounds — you swap one color in a photo for another.

This last feature will enlarge the image by as much as ten times, and then scroll around. See how the photos turned out in our gallery! Here are foliage shots taken in program auto mode with sensitivity manually set at ISO 80, and in the foliage scene poewrshot with auto ISO which the camera set at ISO 80 as well. Prefocus speed is a very fast 0. You’ll find automatic, scene, and a panorama-assist modes on the SD, covering virtually any shooting situation though there’s no sports mode.

If you’re connected to a Mac or PC, it will allow you to select photos to transfer to the computer.

Canon PowerShot SD IS Digital ELPH Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

The camera will not allow you to capture an image with the flash enabled while the flash is recycling, but the half-push and hold during recycling gets you going again at the soonest poweeshot moment.

The SD is pretty quick in the focusing department, too.

The image stabilizer is available, as is the digital zoom. High contrast scenes befuddle the camera overexposing the bright areas or underexposing the dark areas. But press the Display button and you’ll get more info, including a histogram. With auto ISO selected, Canon rates the flash for a range of almost 14 feet at wide angle, and about 6.


That isn’t always the case, but it should be. The SD keeps purple fringing under control, though you will spot some cyan-colored fringing here and there. Coverage is listed by Canon as percent. Styling and Build Quality While outwardly resembling its SD sibling, the SD has received some subtle contour reshaping of the metal body it shares with the older camera.

Canon PowerShot SD IS review: Canon PowerShot SD IS – CNET

When you use this mode, the camera’s Safety Zoom feature warns you when you pass the point where image quality is degraded. While the powersjot isn’t perfect, it should s880 almost iss question that may come up about the SD The same card will record 23 minutes 49 seconds of x broadcast-quality video.

It’s more user-friendly than those included with prior models, with a handy “what do you want to do? And the wide angle zoom that now extends a full 4x into telephoto range will be appreciated whether you’re trying to fit everyone in the room into the picture or get close to some distant landmark.

Whether that’s a bad thing is up to you. Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you PowerShot SD IS Silver that you can purchase direct.