Most of the refilled are only a few bucks less and all will give a low ink warning. I just bought it second-hand, the cartridges were supposed to be FULL and they show full. I just cant afford a new one right now.. Will it help to just change both of them. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend me. We have no idea what your problem is, you did not say Maybe Dell has something going on so it can detect the same cartridge going in over and over and does that so you have to buy a new one?

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There was a tech guy who posted who said the 50C error message is when the electronics in the cartridge fail. I consider myself to be a “Ms. It worked perfectly for about one hour, then, it went back to poping up the black cartrige during prnit.

Dell a error C50 | FixYourOwnPrinter

It’s been over a year now, and I just had to order new ones again, same thing ordered one day they were here the next morning! In a way it has a good point it makes prit simple for the non technical folks but you pay the price. Has anyone tried rotating cartridges in succession? Hi let me know what you come up with.

I installed a remanufactured cartridge and the printer states that the cartridge is half full. I pprint use the color one anyway, so my problem is solved. I think comments about old cartridge causing this problem are accurate. If you look under your start button, dell printers, it will give the uninstall option. Plug in your All-in-One again and turn it on.


If you start out with a new cartridge at some point you get the nag warning on your computer that the ink is low and time to reorder. No matter if it is the best computer out there. I’m keeping a hammer nearby.

Dell a940 error C50

Make sure you still have your installation disk that came with the printer before you do this though. I just refilled my cartridges and am looking to see how to reset the page count and ink level settings Somewhere in this time frame the printer amber exclamation led will flash indicating the ink is gone even if the cartridge is refilled.

Even if someone took the time to crack the code and reset the cartridge they cant tell you or sell it as Dell would sue for a patent infringement.

Always looks like it’s worked – the 50c error disappears – until I try to print a document or even an alignment page. All Lexmark did for Dell to make the Dell unique, was prrint put special Dell snap levers on the printer. I figured since the ebay cartridge was packaged and nice and “new” that I shouldnt mess with that.


I recently had changed my black and white but knew that my color cartridge was empty for a very delp time I took out the empty colored one and placed an old empty colored one in and I was able to print once again.

After that, the printer worked perfect with no problems. I sent the 2 refurbs back to dell. I just an annoying msg couldnt find color catridge I got it in the mail and its looks pretty much like the one I have that I refilled myself so I thought it wouldnt work, and boom 50c error pops up. Click the dont show this warning again.

Instead I used a qtip to clean off the older print cartridge that was in the dell side. In this case the poka dots stink and they charge you more to smell them. Thank you guys for your time to discuss here. Stay clear of their printers they are crap.

The printer read new and I arrowed over to ‘old’ twice. Not so with this printer. I am having a similar problem with a Dell I was told that the printed circuit on the ink cartridge is programed for a one time use. I have a macbook