Works perfectly with ndiswrapper I use D-Link drivers, and they works fine for me, better than Realtek drivers. But other way is far better, compiling our kernel modules, which enables any WiFi dongle on you samsung TV. Tested on debian unstable with Ndiswrapper 0. Tested with Ubuntu 5.

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if_rum • man page

Driver available on accompanying CD and on www. Tested with Fedora Core 2, Ndiswrapper 0. Broadcom Driver provided with the laptop bcmwl5. EXE for rest of world.

[How-To] Alternatives of Samsung WiFi Link Stick – SamyGO

Works fine also with bit WEP. Tested with Fedora Core 4, kernel 2.

EXEthough reporting that R INF and change all references to the pci-id 10ec: Debian Sarge, kernel 2. Use alternate more recent driver: EXE driver does not work for Kubuntu 6. USB disconnect, address 2. This device was able to work with ndiswapper version 1.


if_rum • man page

The only driverversion which works with this card is v1. Successfully tested on Slackware 12, Kernel 2.

With these file, only neta5agu. Running flawlessly for one day so far. Win2K driver from ftp: Digirus of them jump in that kernel modules with IDA an change required strings, that enables rt73 and rtsta devices in that approach.

It worked here with ndiswrapper1. If you want to use The Realtek driver works well, but to make the driver recognize the card you must manually edit the file NET Works well under Fedora Core 5. Get the drivers at http: Works fine for me too with WEP. Get latest driver from ftp: Works perfect, remember just to install a 32 bit system. XP driver from http: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Worked immediately with the ndiswrapper 1.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Later versions of ndiswrapper would compile, install drivers, modprobe properly, but The linux acx driver lacks support for WEP. Use Driver version 6.


Driver Shipped with Product 6. Only tested with 1.