A few short tests can be performed on the cluster that narrow down where to begin more in depth troubleshooting. In Windows Cluster Disk driver is a true plug and play. This process effectively removes the cluster components from the equation. Even i also believe that we may not require to go for this step as we have cluster validations tests much improved,however this may require during the initial setup of LUN allocation for cluster Nodes. Enable cluster disk driver 8:

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A good disabel step would be to shutdown the OS on all but the problem node, disable the cluster service and disk driver on the problem node and reboot.

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Symptom based cluster disk failure troubleshooting

Disable cluster disk driver. When vxio suspends the reservation refresh, it means this node is no longer defending the reservation, another node can gain control of the disks and online the service group.

Mahesh Friday, December 21, 4: In a clustered environment, a SAN disk must be presented to two or more nodes. Perform the PowerPath upgrade and reboot the dusable. Oct 23, 8: Here are the four possible combinations of symptoms that could help you narrow down where the potential disk problem lies.


Once the cluster service starts responding again, LooksAlive will resume. This process effectively removes the cluster components from the equation.

Symptom based cluster disk failure troubleshooting | Ask the Core Team

There are two possibilities: If no disk resources come online on problem node Our strongest culprit here would be either the HBA itself or a configuration problem with the multipathing software. The disxble disk driver in Windows is a plug and play driver, and so when a cluster disk onlines on the node or arrives then the plug and play driver starts and runs for these devices.

It is these steps that will be covered in this post. Office Didable Exchange Server. Join the conversation Add Comment. In Windows Cluster Disk driver is a true plug and play. Issues dealing with adding new disks into an existing cluster or migrating disks between clusters will be covered in future posts.

In a standalone environment, normally this would be a 1: Move all resources to the alternate node. Similarly is there any change in Windows or its same as Windows ?

This may have meaning to some recalling the event log messages that vxio has lost communication to the cluster and has suspended the reservation thread. By suspending the refresh, it lcusdisk no longer issue the reservation every 3sec, but the reservation will still be present.

Earlier in Windows we use to go to Non Plug and Play devices and disable the Cluster disk driver.


How to Disable a Cluster Disk Driver in windows

The first step in troubleshooting disk failures is determining the extent of the problem. Microsoft say to start Win clusters one node at a time, as it is possible cluster disk drivers assume control of disks and set the reserved flag on the disk before sending the reservation.

But you can not access the disk in a cluster without starting the cluster services. If you have PowerPath hotfixes or patches they must be removed and host rebooted prior to upgrading. You can not post a blank message. For both windows and multipathing may be translating the reservation from scsi2 to scsi3, or scsi3 to scsi2, but the reservation request is still coming from the cluster.

Upgrade PowerPath to the version needed 6: Once the server comes up, you will be lcusdisk without any cluster components in place. Vxio will not assume that the cluster has failed, and stop the reservation thread which would result in taking the VMDG offline.