Browse source code 8. Initial NSLU2 preparation 5. OWMON bus list 2. The DSR datasheet can be found at the bottom of the page. Skip to navigation Skip to content owfs Development Site. OWMON main window 2. Works very well in practice.

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Note that the signal ground pin4 is different from the power ground pi n 2. Home and Ds9490d 4. Postgres and Python by Jerry Scharf 5. Aquarium automation — Rob Conway 4. Object write process 7. Works very well in practice. WRT router mods Patryk 4.

Family Code lookup 3.

Submitted by admin on 22 October Reef Tank — Scott Jilek 4. Office monitoring — Wim Heirman 4. Startup LINK emulate mode 5.

Dallas Maxim DS9490R USB to 1-wire Adapter

Custom hardware — William Robison 4. So if you are looking for a connector to interface your 1-Wire sensor to your computer then DSR might be of interest to you. Full – libow 2. One Wire on Fire 3: Building under Ubuntu 5.


Dallas Maxim DSR USB to 1-wire Adapter | eBay

What is 1-wire good for? Before connecting the connector to the computer, the sensor has to be connected to the RJ11 port on this connector.

It is also feasible to connect an array of sensor to this RJ11 port. TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. Ideas and Prototypes — Gregg Levine 4.

Pyzine by Peter Kropf owpython 4. Datanab humidity sensor 3.

External sensor support 8: Light – OWNet 2. Family Code list 3. Startup LINK ascii mode 5.

LCD temperature display 4. EDS enviromental sensors 3. The RJ11 port has 6 pins in total out which we will use only 4 for our application.

Home Trailer — Brian Fahrlander 4.

DS9490R# – USB 1-Wire / iButton Adapter (RJ11)

A symbolic representation of the same is given below. Fan and battery control — Majek Wodzinski 4. DS chip for hardware. You can also connect multiple sensors in an array fashion to the RJ11 connector. Startup Passive 5.