The newly found connection between group I mGluR receptors and the cannabinoid system in the cerebellum offered possible explanations for the apparent interactions between mGluR activation and DSI. Postsynaptic endocannabinoid release is critical to long-term depression in the striatum. MP3 players can only play music files in mp3 file format. In retrospect, it is possible to explain a large part of the glutamate results on the basis of a modulatory role of postsynaptic mGluR receptors deriving from the convergence of mGluR and CB1R pathways on presynaptic terminals see later. This component is nevertheless of primary importance, because it has suddenly put retrograde signaling in the limelight, and it has revealed a kind of neuronal signaling that is fundamentally different from that exerted by classical neurotransmitters. Copyright , Nature Publishing Group.

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Similar to DSI, the messenger was initially proposed to be glutamate, but more recent evidence suggests endocannabinoids. Fast Oscillations in Cortical Circuits.

Presynaptic factors in the regulation of DSI expression in hippocampus. DSI and endocannabinoids in the enuron. These observations suggested that no changes occurred in the post-synaptic cell to change its responsiveness to GABA during depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition. A new class of synaptic response involving calcium release in dendritic spines.

Dendritic release of dopamine in the substantia nigra. So, the nature of the synthesized endocannabinoid is likely to depend on the stimulation pattern, on the specific receptor which is activated, and on the specific brain region considered.

Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition

The existing literature on presynaptic effects of cannabinoids indicates that virtually every step in the process leading to vesicle release is a potential site of action for cannabinoids. The pattern for hippocampal DSE is further complicated by the uncertainties on the CB receptor isoform mediating the cannabinoid response. Paradoxically, the only report concerning the effects of high-frequency, glutamatergic fiber stimulation on GABAergic transmission has shown an inhibition after climbing fiber activation which is not dependent on CB1Rs, but rather on presynaptic ionotropic glutamate receptors Satake et al.


It is important to note here that, instead of applying postsynaptic depolarizations, it is possible to induce a postsynaptic production of endocannabinoids and to inhibit afferent synaptic transmission by activating postsynaptic receptors linked to G proteins. The discovery that depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition is mediated by endocannabinoids finally explained why both the CB1 receptor and the endocannabinoids are both so widely distributed in the brain.

CopyrightNature Publishing Group. Check the specification of your MP3 player to determine thetype of video file format it uses. The available information comes essentially from the cerebellum. In control, every dae reliably induces DSI, neurno after AM application the effect of depolarizations is completely prevented.

It therefore avoids possible confusions resulting from the large calcium concentration gradients, which are elicited by voltage steps in highly complex neurons such as pyramidal or Purkinje cells. Posted on Jan 02, Sample traces are shown on the right from Diana et al.

The endocannabinoids may still mediate DSE too, but by acting at a yet unknown cannabinoid receptor. Potassium currents can be upregulated.

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Accordingly, any ionic current that hyperpolarizes a cell is called an inhibitory current. In addition, it is well established that neurons e. The use of endocannabinoids such as anandamide and 2-arachidonoyl glycerol in this method of signalling is quite logical, since both molecules can be synthesized relatively easily from lipids in the plasma membrane, a fundamental constituent of all cells.


This general pattern may apply to the synchronized activity of Purkinje cells Isope et al. Finally, many central neurons appear to be capable of releasing neurotransmitter-like substances from nonsynaptic areas of their somatodendritic compartment.

Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition – Wikipedia

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Photolysis-induced suppression of inhibition in rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. Combining back-propagating action potentials with synaptic activation of mGluRs Nakamura et al.

In the cerebellum, separate or combined synaptic activation of climbing and parallel fibers leads to local or widespread dendritic calcium increases in Purkinje cells via voltage-dependent calcium channels and intracellular calcium stores Tank et al. Certain sets of neurons, including interneurons, are now recognized as being connected via dendro-dendritic or axo-axonal electrical synapses review: They are induced by calcium concentration increases in postsynaptic cells and are mediated by the release of a retrograde messenger, which reversibly inhibits afferent synapses via presynaptic mechanisms.

AVI Converter is provided on the application cd supplied with this product. Spatially resolved calcium dynamics of mammalian Purkinje cells in cerebellar slice. Oxford University Press; —