Sometimes you may wish to search the transport servers only within a particular site. It searches message tracking logs with some filters. Some of the internal emails not being delivered to the recipients. For example, an administrator used Queue Viewer to delete a message, or submitted message files using the Replay directory. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! A shadow message was received by the server in the local database availability group DAG or Active Directory site.

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So when looking at the searchresult it is not so easy to follow the message. The type of message.

Searching Exchange Server Message Tracking Logs with PowerShell

Multiple email addresses are separated by the semicolon character. For more information, see Moderated Transport. A moderator for a moderated recipient approved the message, so the message was delivered to the moderated recipient.

For instructions on how to disable subject logging, see Configure message tracking. Many thanks, Hao in reply to kburden1. This is an example of the message tracking log stogedriver created when the user chris contoso.


Lots of good information here. For other types of events, this field is usually blank. Contains the Internal-Message-Id value of the message that’s being forked.

So a good tip is to always collect your query results into a variable, particularly very broad queries that take a long time to run, so that you can pick apart the collected data without having to re-run the query.

Because of this you should try storediver get in to the habit of using the -Resultsize parameter to return unlimited results when running Get-MessageTrackingLog.

Log files for the approvals and rejections in moderated transport. The huge scalability of Microsoft Exchange carries serious disadvantages in addition to all its benefits.

An example value is The origination date-time is the time when the message first entered the Exchange organization. Is creating moderator a feasible option?

For more information, see Search message tracking logs. Hi kburden1, I have a same issue on my exchange SP1 system, user complained that she has not received some email.

Exchange Server Forums

For example, an administrator used Queue Viewer to delete a message, or submitted message files using the Replay directory.

Duplicaate the new system we have transport rules setup to check and see if mail has been delivered to the old address, if not then it forwards the email. The event source was the approval framework that’s used with moderated recipients. OK this one is perplexing me.


A message was detected in the Outbox of a mailbox on the local server. Awesome resource, thanks a million! FAIL Message delivery failed.

Version number of the Exchange server that created the entry in the message tracking log. Saturday, April 27, 2: For more information, see Manage message approval.

Tracking messages in Exchange 2013 log files – easy and quick!

A message submitted by the Pickup directory or the Replay directory that can’t be delivered or storedrivsr. Not sure about -Expandproperty yet. Specify paths for logs useful article on this topic: An alternate recipient for the message was already a recipient.

A duplicate message was delivered to the recipient.