What generated the primordial irregt] lari ties that eventually grew inlo galaxk-s and clusters of galaxies? On one side these disks depict Aries, the ram, along with cither a star or a star and the crescent Moon. But the most eunous. But Only this year was the VLA available in the right eon figuration when Mercury neared inferior conjunction. This arrangement provides the suability that is essential to protect against movements and vibrations that could blur the interfer- ence patterns. Their prediction for an oblong cap of up lo 1 00 by km docs- seem to match the changing aspect of the bright feature seen, in the radar observations.

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Since then our manufacturing capac ity has been doubled and redoubted so that now we can offer this instrument for timely delivery. I’ve gotten a reputa- tion for the funny and sad stories I have to tell. Parks opt lt”AL 3. A multiple star of this sort is called a trapezium, after the exam- dp-9804 in the Orion nebula. However, it is not generally feasible to move ihe complex combining system, which normally sits atop a massive optical table, over Jong distances.

So in theory all you have to do to get crisper viewy of the heavem is lo build a bigger telescope. An example is a bronze coin 4 next lart issued in AD.

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Nevertheless, many of the undent as- trologers were first-class mathematicians; computing angles between celeslial bodies, or relative to the horizon, was a ruuline activity or them. HOW TO DO IT The possibility of a useful wormhole rests on whether the laws of physics permit the exotic circumstances under which negative pressure domi nates over energy. But there just aren’t many photons at energies greater than 10 billion electron volts, so the relatively smali-aperiure detectors we can launch into space aren’t very useful.


The amount of time dilation depends on the speed of the trip — the closer the astronaut gets to the speed of light, the more the Earth years get compressed in his frame of reference. Full time position Esperi- eiKtd in production c?

Robert Morris reports hearing sounds while watch- ing an auroral display wp-9804 the morning of July 29, To under si and their proposal it is first kaft to know something about the way in which matter gravitates according to general relativity. Until recently most physicists would have said no. Because of Hubble’s spherical abetra- lion, most of the light from the star and its surroundings, has spread out into a fuzzy, oval nebula.

Canadians Peter arid Di- anne Jedfcfce recently built this pwiar-sligned huiLse- from whicli guests can view the heaven- thruugli their tfvmg-xtiom sky- lights.

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Thus trie encounter fortuitously mirrored Antioch’s role as the capital of the region thar now included Judea A second version of the astrological com was issued al Antioch during the period from A. IW1 Sky Publishing Corp. Instead they are well- organized hierarchies of binaries. In the quantum version, a greai many other universes are splitting off from ours all he rime, in order to embody every possible quantum state of every panicle.

His visual work was done at I85x with a Wratten 4BA violet filter. Mikhailov, and others arc always insightful and often surprising. You an; 1 no doubt familiar with the fine array of books, educational products, and observing aids available directly from us throughout the pages of Sty da Telescope and in our annual catalogue.


In the many-universes picture time travel no longer presents a problem.

High-resolution images would also help in the study of objects wiihom circular symmetry, such as rapidly rotating siars. An experiment of this type recently approved by the U. Each mirror seH ts individually matched Mirrors ,in. Drv Alan P- Boss. The answers are not necessarily found by scanning The latest magazine ads, fot ,art com- panies often take their cues from Ihe ta files and whimsies of their own cus- tomers.

For this reason we cannot rule out such time machines just because no voyagers from the future are currently popping up all around us, an often-cited argument that time machines will never exist, Once we have produced sueh an apparatus, then we can start looking around For unexpected visitors. H rtHui, Kaet While radio astronomers measure mechanical tolerances in millime- ters sir even centimeters, at optical wave- lengths the needed precision is in microns micrometers , which are thousands of times smaller.

To locate an asteroid at aphelion 0. But this book’s greatest value ts as an introduction lo the complex and often subtle elemental relationships scientists use in determining when the worlds and stars around us caine to he. Visible are a distinct snil pillar intersecting be Sun’s image and two colorful miii dogs In the left and light, Wmie. So what was one doing ai Stellafane in kwrt ?