Read the Full Announcement. Windows Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8. The API lets you manage the driver and the virtual disk from any Windows or. Callback File System, company Ultimate license source code. The turnaround time on communication was the best we have ever seen.

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The Windows operating system defines the only way of virtual file system creation -the development of a kernel-mode cs. With best regards, Eugene Mayevski www. Support was fast and helpful. Callback File System provides the same functionality on Windows. Regardless of where the actual data is kept, such as in remote or local files, database records, memory, or across the internet — you will be able to treat it as if it were included in one local or network file system.

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This provides complete control over what applications or users may access the data. If you are unsure what product s to choose, please read the comparison here.

The resulting mounted disk can be visible to or hidden from users. Please consider moving this question to the proper forum for maximum visibility. Please type your message and try again.

Development of such driver, that requires deep knowledge of the operating system internals, is a challenging task even for experienced developers. With this newly offered method, you save time and preserve financial resources while developing your own virtual storage.


Present epdos data as files and folders of a local virtual disk. I implemented all functionalities of a virtual disk I needed in less than two days. Do you want to reset? We are now deciding when to start fe project.

Callback Technologies | System-level components for data storage and access control

Also, on your site you say it can be used for document management. Modify Remote Data On-the-fly Instead of Replicating Modify data being read from or written to the virtual file system on-the-fly transparently and caplback.

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Pricing Price per unit is shown below. The architecture of the virtual storage manager lets one store the data not only on the hard disk, but also in operating memory, in the database record, or across the network.

It only took me about 6 hours to czllback our prototype up and running. The data may be of any type, such as database records or email messages, which can be located in one place or distributed over several local or remote systems. Callbacj Our tools strictly conform to industry security standards and the most secure algorithms to ensure that you are implementing the highest level of security possible. As said, if you have any data structure that you want for whatever reason to represent as a set of directories and files, you can do this with Callback File System.


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This API includes callback functions events which your application must handle to effectively represent a full-featured file system. Callback File System, company In-House calback lifetime free upgrades. Callback Gs System extends the existing line of virtual storage products offered by EldoS Corporation, and it makes development of software for WindowsR both faster and easier.

Fortune companies, governments, and universities all over the world have trusted our team of engineers for rock-solid technology and exceptional support for over 20 years.

Download a Free Trial Download a fully-functional trial complete with documentation, samples, and support. Eldos driver is installed with NMM 2. Callback File System, company Vendor license source code, worldwide usage. I am using networker 8. Documentation Download Free Trial. Trusted By Leading Brands Worldwide.