It is used to upload bitmaps to Epson printers, but has a simple communication test which can check for basic connectivity between the computer and the printer. This is confusing, but it’s the way it is. Installing the Driver Files. Enter the same settings as were printed out in the adapter self-test. Add the Serial Printer.

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This shows that the printer, module, and firmware are all installed and operating correctly and shows how the communication parameters are set. Remove the existing interface board from the tm-t88iii by unscrewing 2 screws.

Set printer DIP switches as necessary; then attach the access cover. Add the Serial Printer. Fasten the two mounting screws through the faceplate of the new interface.

Open the printer in the Windows Printer Folder. Typically serial printers need to use a Null Modem serial cable.

See the support page for the model of printer you are using for specific switch settings. A serial connection involves a pair of wires transmit and receiver along with the status and handshaking wires.

Verify the port you are using by checking the port in the Device Manager under the System applet in the Windows Control Panel. The interface settings are not the same on both the printer and computer.


The data cable is incorrect. It also lets you change buffer size. The printer is not online in Windows. Testing the Printer You should now be ready to test the printer by printing some text or by epsson the “Print Test Page” button in the General Tab of the printer properties.

How to connect an Epson serial POS printer

tm-t88oii You didn’t copy the DIP switch serial settings from the old printer to the new printer. The printing port of the driver on the computer side is not specified correctly. If installing a Serial Buffer II, porrt here. Run the printer self test to confirm the printer is capable of printing at its normal speed. The printer will print a list of initial settings including baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bit, flow control handshaking.

The zipped file also includes an instruction manual for the utility program, along with an application program and a configuration file. These values will be needed when configuring the serial port in Windows.

How to connect an Epson Serial POS Printer

The printer selected in the software is not correct or the software doesn’t support the printer in use. This is confusing, but it’s the way it is. The connections can be wired inside the housing for custom wiring options.


Insert the baud, bits, flow control and parity tm-t88lii from the printer obtained in the Self Testabove. There are problems with the computer.

TM Virtual Port Driver – Virtual Port Driver – Slip Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Installing the Driver Files. This cable is not straight through – it crosses transmit and receive lines. Check the computer side to see that settings are the same. The data cable connects the serial port on the computer to the serial adapter card on the printer. Confirm the driver setting on the computer side.

See the main tm-t88iui interface page for information on how to install cardselecting a cableinstall Windows driverschecking the configurationtesting the printer. Turn on the TM printer. Confirm printer operation with self-test.

You can try selecting the serial port epdon use COM4 in the above example.

The printer will print a list of initial settings including baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bit, flow control handshaking.