Fails same way for both 5. Fallout 3 Pass Works fine. Like many gaming headsets currently available on the market, the G35 employs a noise-cancelling directional microphone that can be swiveled upright when not in use. They are also good for people who like play online gaming. The sound quality is breathtaking and the Dolby Headphone effects are better than I could have ever envisioned for virtual surround sound.

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Logitech G35 Review | Everything USB

Source Pass Works fine. It also took more effort to perceive the difference between front and back while gaming. The levels offer control over the master volume, bass, treble and microphone, but are sorely lacking volume control over the individual surround sound channels.

Must configure sound card as 5. World at War Fail Unable to initialize surround sound. Quake Wars Pass Works fine. Without the effects turned on, the voice quality is above average, producing a clean sound without picking up the sound of my computer or air conditioner. The panel is broken up logietch four quadrants: High elasticity, durable and soft.

Logitech G35

I would need to be able to adjust the surround levels individually in order to be certain. For sale is case only device and accessories are not included. If you want the very Crysis Warhead Pass Works fine. With swappable headband pads, programmable G-keys and crystal clear USB audio, victory never felt or Though the G35 software is very simple to navigate and use, power users may feel slightly put-off by the lack of fine-grained control found in other audio drivers.


Quake Wars Barely pass Positional cues are subtle in 7. A number of reasons apply: Home Reviews Logitech G35 Review. Team Fortress 2 Pass Works fine. I kid you not; with my eyes covered I cranked up my mouse sensitivity and spun around several times and was able to easily detect where an audio source was coming from.

Unreal Tournament Fail All combinations of settings result in stereo sound. Again, for games that did work with the Logitech G35, the results were impressive. Custom commands and Push-to-Talk for Ventrilo are also present, but contrary to the original press release, TeamSpeak support is nowhere to be found at this time.

Logitech G35 Review

Unreal Tournament 3 Fail All combinations of settings result in stereo sound. Positional cues are subtle in 7.

I had to buy these for an old job and have no use for them. Now is your chance to buy a Logitech G35 Gaming Headset 7.


Logitech Headet Review You are here: Multiple profiles for the G-keys can be created, although curiously there is no quick way to switch between them, not even in the system tray menu. Modern Warfare Pass Works fine. I am sure it the right thing you need now. The microphone does have two unique qualities though: The red and matte black color scheme perfectly loigtech the G-series gaming peripherals and looks well in its own right if you have so much as a black PC tower.

Taking a closer look at the headset, we see that the user-customization aspect featured so logiteech in the G-series is no stranger to the G Three swappable headband pads of varying thickness and form are also included that change how the headset sits on the head, and also how much pressure is exerted on the sides of your head. Center channel not very prominent.

The threading around the wires has slightly come undone so it has been fixed with black electrical tape.