It is the customer’s responsibility to install the unit. You are responsible for selecting and ordering the correct cables if these parts do not work in your specific configuration. The autoloader function of the Model is designed to help reduce operator time and tape handling errors. If additional data cartridges, cleaning cartridges, or test cartridges are desired with the initial shipment the following features should be ordered. Not warranted by IBM. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. This cable is used for device-to-device connection.

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Computer storage tape media Ecma standards. Subscribe to this information.

It has a sustained data transfer rate of up to 6. For more financing information, please visit www. The overall A-weighted sound power in bels should not exceed: Refer to Hardware Requirements for cable ordering information. The following table shows the various SCSI cable feature numbers that can be ordered.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check that your package contains the following items: A new tape always seems to work fine. We had a VXA-2 drive previously that kept reporting dirty heads, even immediately after inserting a cleaning tape. This was using 2 different tapes, one being erased, and one being from a test backup 2 weeks prior.


Status lights FC You might need to read the status lights on your tape drive to determine the operating status of the drive.

80/160 GB internal tape drive VXA-2 (FC 6120)

Refer to Technical Information section. But beyond the initial acquisition, our end-to-end approach to IT management can also help keep your technologies current, reduce costs, minimize risk and preserve your ddvice to make flexible equipment decisions throughout the entire technology life cycle.

A Document’s Table of Contents: During a read operation, the leading head reads the data and the following pair performs verification. Not warranted by IBM.

During the original warranty period, customers will be provided service through the service delivery methods available for their IBM product in the servicing country. Posted August 29, If additional cables are required, the following cables can be ordered using the feature numbers listed: As each stripe is written to tape, it is immediately read back to verify that the write was successful.

Terms and Conditions of the supplier apply. Retrieved from ” https: Refer to the Power Cord section above for information about power cord requirements.


The following attributes apply to the SCSI cable features sevice above: One 20 GB data cartridgeone cleaning cartridge, and one test cartridge is included with the initial shipment of the Model 1U Autoloader.

Offerings for all customer segments: The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

Offerings, rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. However, ICA legacy contracts will still be available for current customers until they are withdrawn.

VXA – Wikipedia

Stub length at each device must not exceed 0. This tape drive uses VXA tape data cartridges and is capable of compression, providing a capacity of up to GB. Rates are based on a customer’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options and may vary by country.

For additional information and devcie prices, contact your local IBM representative. The appropriate SCSI cable must be selected.