This program has a huge range of configuration and tweaking options and will keep optimization freaks entertained for hours. The list of fixes is displayed down the left of the window, and the fixes themselves take place in the space to the right or in a new window.

The variety of optimization options provided by Vista Manager is too long to list here – there are at least 30. Some will require you to make decisions (such as the process prioritization feature), while others will make the changes themselves (such as the 1-Click Cleaner). Lots of the Vista Manager options are ones that you would be able to carry out with Windows’ built-in tools, while others are fairly standard fixes.

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Scroll from right to left to access more information on pages. The home page of Newegg for Windows 8 shows current deals, when they expire, as well as personalized recommendations, if you’re signed in with your Newegg account. Tapping on a product will give you detailed information about it as well as user reviews and related items. Unfortunately, Newegg for Windows 8 cut off details about some products, which makes gaining knowledge about an item difficult.

Hopefully Newegg can sort this out in an update.

Newegg for Windows 8 is great for searching for products and browsing for electronics but the lack of a price comparison feature hampers the experience. While Newegg for Windows 8 does show shipping costs, it’d be nice if there were offers from third-party vendors, like with Amazon. Overall, Newegg for Windows 8 provides a solid shopping experience for products on Newegg and nothing more.


Notes Clicking ‘Download’ will take you to the Windows Store where you can download the app Decision Making Helper for Microsoft Windows supports in a very easy way the decision-making process.

When using the software one will make rational, comprehensive, understandable and clear decisions. To find the right decision for the best option will become a child’s play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process.

The program operates on the principle of Weighted Decision Matrix that allows a differentiated assessment of all decision criteria. Decision Making Helper does not only support the decision-making process itself, but also provides an informative analysis in order to identify the conscious and transparent decision making.

The questioner becomes aware which criteria are of importance for the decision and why the decision taken makes sense.

A decision will not only be taken based on a pure gut feeling but made in a structured, informed and objective way. – Simple use of the decision aids in one program. – Precise evaluation of the options by weighted criteria. – Rational decision-making, comprehensive, understandable and clear.

– The programm provides high degree of trust and confidence in the decision found.


– Different graphics illustrate the process of the decision-making.

– The software tool offers a playful approach to the decision-making process. The programm can be used in the decision making process of personal, professional and business decisions alike.

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