This application is used only for loading software or to change the software on A coin changer. Gadget Girl , Jun 18, As opposed to how it was in Win8, Win10 will not force you to use apps, and you can make it look like it was in Win7 if you like it. You can configure if you want to boot up to the start menu or to the desktop. Pendraia , Jun 29, If a program download failed before completing the download, you must use DWN and set the dip switches to be able to re-download the software to the unit. Do you already have an account?

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Keeping Poser off the OS drive can avoid all of that, though Poser 11 has fixed much of this by moving user data to a roaming folder in Windows 8 and 10 nowadays.

User JCM – Stack Overflow

The JCM morph exists in the base figure with the exact same name: If your curious, the reason I wasn’t using the fitting room is because there’s been something really buggy in my fitting room where the figure I get has no geometry.

PendraiaJun 30, You can do this by clicking the “Notifications” icon on the system tray, and clicking the “Tablet Mode” button to toggle it on. In the upcoming “Anniversary” update, Win10 will expand Cortana’s abilities to find files anywhere on disk and do much more than just setting appointments or checking the weather. So, my version of Poser is having some issues with freezing especially when I’m working on morphs and weight mapping.


The DWN firmware application information contains the dip switch settings.

When I started using Dusk’s skeleton in the setup room instead, a lot of my issues went away. How do I get it to not show tablet mode at all? You can either set Win10 to run in “Tablet mode”, or set the start menu to show in full screen.

SMS has included some instructions to work around this issue on the Share This Page Tweet.

This application will download a data file from a PC to the UBA validator for software upgrade purposes. If you rig a mesh with issues, crazy things may happen, like holes that appear when the clothing is posed, parts that disappear after grouped, black smudges that show in renders, and so on. PendraiaJun 29, After battling with my mum’s laptop yesterday I’m not upgrading to Win 10 it’s a horrible program.

We figured it out, because at one point they had me running the collect scene inventory script, and when I did I got an error that Poser was missing. Or is the name irrelevant from the stand point of conforming.

Best way to set up JCM’s in conforming clothing. | HiveWire 3D Community

See the Basic Driver Documentation for details. Discussion in ‘ Poser ‘ started by Gadget GirlJun 18, I’ve got a case open with SM about it, but in the mean time, I’ve having a hard time figuring out if some related issues I have are because Poser is freezing while I’m trying to set things up, or if it’s because there’s a better way to do things.


As for your 2nd question, you will NEVER create a master parameter on the base figure that will drive a morph on the clothing.

Then I chose the little gear and told it to Apply to Enclosed Items so that it would do the same for all sub-folders. Is Poser trying to be smart and set things up for me? Which was funny since I was running the script inside of Poser.

But I have disabled UAC, so that reduces this kind of issue by a great deal.

Best way to set up JCM’s in conforming clothing.

If it’s the mesh, you have to go back to the modeling program and check it for issues like duplicated verts, duplicated faces, inverted face normals common issue depending on how its modeledetc. Which leads me to question number two.

Everything else can be done in the FR with a couple of mouse clicks. You never have to see apps if you don’t want to, though I think you might ucm missing some good stuff if you do.

PendraiaJun 28, The JCM morph does not exist in the base figure. You can configure if you want to boot up to the start menu or to the desktop. In this case you will have to drive it yourself, by attaching it to some dial that is driven by the figure.