Haven’t figured out how to use the buttons or the volume control through the server yet, but audio and microphone work great. One other Linux user who has these experienced the same thing. You should follow me on Twitter On Windows, using Logitech’s provided software, you can program them with various functions, such as voice morph, or special application specific shortcuts. I would want know if the sound quality is good I heard in another forum that is it very bad for music and movies.

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Stories abound of these devices failing to work, people not being able to use them for Skype, etc.

I use JACK for this. It shows a microchip symbol. January 4, at 6: That is very welcome, since the dongle is quite long and would inevitably be bumped-in or bent.

It is also picked up in the alsamixer.

Logitech G on Linux

Thank you so much Brandma! Notify me of new comments via email. Using xinput on the terminal: I am a little bit lost on how to start. I am already curious about your results, but take your time.


Fortunately, it seems to be possible to change the batteries. One thing that bugs me is that settings I do uhuntu windows through virtual box do not persist when I switch back to linux.

Surround Sound on Ubuntu with Logitech G? – Ask Ubuntu

Fortunately, to this day, this still has not happened with my headsets. Join Date Oct Beans 3. So, I ignored it and just plugged in the base station cable and USB dongle, switched on the headphones, waited for the green light on dongle and headset to indicate a good connection and anxiously wondered what would happened.

Then i remembered that Ubuntu has pulse audio which can do audio over network.

I managed to get the G keys working. Muting for example does mute, but also sends the cursor to the top-left of the screen.

Logitech G930 not working with Ubuntu 14.04

January 16, at 1: In the spirit of experimentation i decided to plug in the headset, which worked. March 20, at 3: Only then were the first distortions audible.

Being a Ubuntu Linux enthusiast too, that was the icing on the cake for me. However, with this USB headset there was no crackle at all, just a nice and clear recording. Select the headset with F6. Ubunhu Will, thanks for your reply!


From when I last had multiple sound devices, I had no problem switching sound with pavucontrol while in playback. However, apparently for good reasons the Windows version of the Logitech software for this headset contains an equalizer, which would allow you to put more emphasis on the lower frequencies. Thanks for logitceh additional info. Doing so at some point locked up my computer. Here I am describing how it’s performing for me.

For me the key mapping of logitecn g-keys is not persistent. Will update when they get here hopefully tomorrow.

The commands to get this information are: Here is a link to setup the headphones with alsa.

I will continue to experiment a little further in the meantime.