It is not a real time indication that noise is present. Tell us about it. This command is used to get decode status, card encode type and decoded card data for a given track. This property is used to get the devices software ID. Smart Card Application 01 Failure, the command was not able to complete, see CondRpt property for details. Byte 1 Usage Specifies which tone sequence to play back.

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Page 33 Section 5. This command attempts to eject a card from inside the transport to a position where the card can be removed by the user and where magnetic stripe reading is complete.

Typical intellicat installation version | MagTek IntelliCAT User Manual | Page 4 / 5

Warning, the command completed, but some problems arose, see CondRpt property for details. None Response Message Data: This property contains the value of the communications protocol used by this device. This command attempts to consume a card into the transport to a position where smart card communications can occur and magnetic stripe reading is complete. Response will be in the same format including the Op Code before optional data.

This property is used to get the devices software ID.


Page 81 Section 9. These commands are used to retrieve and set the value of application properties.

This allows effective addressing of a specific bit and may be useful for blowing fuses in some cards. The existence of generic commands allows standardizing on commonly used commands across multiple device applications.

This property contains the value of the RS interfaces fixed baud rate.

IntelliStripe – Specifications. Changing these properties is not advisable unless the card you are operating is non-standard. This command is used to reset the matek.

Use the property number of the desired tone sequence. When auto consuming is enabled, the reader will attempt to consume a card when the card is being inserted into the mouth of the reader.

Software accessories, Related documents – MagTek IntelliStripe 350 User Manual

Matek magstripe formats can be supported via a binary encode mode. Not all device applications support these commands. There are many cards available that are similar to the SLE, and this device will support many of them. Page 71 Section 7. This will put the device in its power up state.

This application deals with device functionality. This serial kagtek can be used to distinguish one USB device from another in a system. For every count over zero, the card internal address in incremented one.


If you wish to use the msb first option, you will have to set this property to 1. Tell us what’s missing.

This condition indicates that there was a parity error in a message received from the card. The bits are identified by numbering the least significant bit 0 and the most significant bit 7.

Magteo property is the USB product. A card must be present at the middle or rear of the transport when this command is executed in order for it to succeed.

This application deals with the buzzer. This application works closely with the transport application, which amgtek with card transportation and magnetic stripe data acquisition.

This example would not be used as a real application because it has no error handling. P2 is the address where the write will start Lc is the number of bytes to write.