I am not familiar with the MD12 at all, only modems in general. Hi Todd, Sorry it took so long for me to respond. For more information on disabling dial and busy tone detection, see Modem Manager Configuration. The port that the T Link would be using for communication, the dsc md12 modem port should be If still having issues reboot your computer and confirm the MCPH service is running. No dial tone detected on modem 1:

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With many telco providers going with digital lines to save money, this will only get worse. I mdd12 use the auto detect panel feature anymore.

DSC MD12 modem connection problems

Interestingly enough if I have a tech on-site initiate a download it typically works fine. Just the two discreet tones mc12 10 seconds or so, and then hangup. If you are not using the DLS software to dial into your panels, you will need to find out how to insert the X0 modem initialization string into the MD12 modem.

Restart the ,odem service, ensure that it is running and try again. Roland More Contact options for registered users posted on August 8,2: With the account properties open you would then click on the actual panel Ex.


Index of /manuals/DSC/Misc/MD12 Modem

Tower Security Contact options for registered users posted on August 3,2: Depending on how the account was created the double call feature will either be enabled or disabled. When initially creating an account within DLS you are prompted to select a connection type after choosing the panel type.

For more information on this configuration it is recommended to review the programming manual for the panel you are trying to connect to. March 31, With the Modem Manager Configuration window open we would want to select the MD modem bringing up the properties modrm to it on the right hand side of the window. Logged esve M12 Member Posts: The modem is not responding: Just unplug the dsc md12 modem line going to the DSL modem.

Then there is lightning’s aftermath.

If you do have enabled Automatically Open Account when creating the account it will open right away after clicking Create. I download on DSL lines all the time.

Views Read View source View history. Did either of you check to make sure the panel and download codes match? Timeout while waiting for panel to call back: To view this you can click on the Options tab of the connection window modm check the status of this.

DSC MD12 Programing Modem for Alarm Systems Md | eBay

You would then be able to pick what time and date it would try to communicate to the panel at, if you want it to be repeated how many days from the date chosen and if you want it to repeat the end date for that or if it will continue with no end time.


In this new window we can then enter the Account Name, chose the Account Group, select the panel type and the connection type.

It will work fine after that. If you see this error, it means that all modems have been removed from the Modem Manager Configuration. To do so we would want the DLS software open and be viewing the main start page.

You would want to make sure that you have it selected properly depending on the programming on your panel. The modem manager As you probably know, typically when two modems connect and moden have speaker turned onyou will hear the devices “sync”.

January 13, DSC MD12 modem connection problems tourman Change this setting to tell it not to monitor the line connection.