Files captured from Machina can be imported into virtually any software package that supports these file formats, such as compositing programs, 3D animation programs, audio editing programs, and much more. We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships. Reviews 0 Write a review wusvrtvvsfwyuzubfucwfvetqzevb. For analog video connections, analog-to-digital conversion is bit, for the highest-quality capture and playback. Through my tenure here I’ve only dealt with importing and exporting digitally, never had to touch a tape.

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We are also unable to cancel orders once the unpaid item process begins. After finding the correct driver, after finding the correct formats and resolutions, after updating and installing and configuring and testing- the card still wouldn’t reliably get video into my system.

Also, it outputs a video signal to the broadcast monitor for client viewing, lj for proper monitoring so you can color correct. Rated 4 out of 5 by Bradley from Works as described Only drawback is the 2 audio channels, but we can make it work.

AJA KONA LHe Plus HD-SDI / Analog Video Capture KONA LHE PLUS

Unfortunately, no one taught me any of this stuff when i started as I’m the only video guy here. You will receive only what is pict This board slipped right into my Mac and comes with all the necessary kpna. IMHO, “properly setup” by a best buy tech isnt’ a bad idea, it’s just not enough The card features genlock input and performs bit down conversion from HD to SD. The card also lets you control a VTR so you can accuratly record from or lay ajq to tape.


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Per the manufacturer, there are certain details about this item that we can only reveal in cart. You can play back and master material, at a variety of frame rates, on a high-resolution wide-screen monitor or digital projector. Turn off the deck and go directly from the card to the monitor and you should be fine. But with that monitor you are limited to viewing SD.

Judging by my workflow, it doesn’t have much affect other than being able to use it as a client monitor. Best bet would be to get a tech who understands all this to look at the setup, connect things appropriately and show you the options in the Kona control panel to make sure you are properly monitoring. Still better to have the real deal pro HD monitor to use for proper color correction.

Aja KONA LH Capture Card

I have a deep feeling that I’m missing out on something So depending on the hardware, software, OS, version of your application, etc. I am easy to work with.

The longest i’ve spent waiting for a response from Tech Support was about 5- 10 Mins. Please check your local sales tax laws. The most recent driver does not work on all configurations, causing you to back track, search and do a lot of trial and error in finding the correct one.


Item is clean and ready to use.

You have a sync reference issue. Rated 5 out of 5 by Maksay from Great Product!

Aja KONA LH Capture Card | eBay

We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you ajja not be charged until your item ships. The Kona and the monitor need a common video source as reference as does the Beta machine if you are playing out to tape or capturing.

But unless you are prepping a show for broadcast, you don’t need one.

Powerful AJA utilities, Easy Setups, and plug-ins round out the Mac environment, providing support for mona popular Mac application workflows. It sounds like you have a complicated setup koha isn’t properly synced.

Easy setups for instant configuration of your workflow in unison with KONA hardware Advanced hardware configuration from the AJA Control Panel can be accessed without leaving your application by simply holding down the command key and clicking into the UI. PC Eyeon Fusion bit: Mac Adobe Premiere Pro: For the life of the product.