We continually review the adequacy of the valuation allowance and recognize the benefits only as reassessment indicates that it is more likely than not that the benefits will be realized. The leases required future rental payments until ; however, during the third quarter of , the Company paid the remaining Cadant lease payments at an early buyout discount using the proceeds of a new note payable. Cash provided by used in investing activities. We have an aggressive program for protecting our intellectual property. Page 32 Online light blinks to indicate active mode. A majority of our accounts receivable are from a few large cable system operators, either with investment rated debt outstanding or with substantial financial resources, and have very favorable payment histories.

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Income statement items are translated at average currency exchange rates. A significant portion of our products are manufactured or assembled in Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, and other foreign countries.

You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. Each element of the network is marketed by a variety of companies with varying degrees of capability and functionality. Surf the Internet up to faster than an analog 56K modem.

At the end ofwe believe that we do not have a major customer that is in a financially distressed position. Below is a table setting forth the key lines of our Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows in millions:. The following table illustrates the effect on net income and earnings per share as if the Company had applied the fair value recognition provisions of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.


No stock-based employee or director compensation cost for stock options is reflected in net income, as all options granted have exercise prices equal to the market value of the underlying common stock on the date of grant.

These debt securities include U. This new product leverages the work we have done in the development of our CMTS products but significantly improves the cost per downstream.

Net cash provided by used in arrris activities. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion. Our laboratories are equipped with call management servers and Media Gateways from various manufacturers.

Arris CM450 User Manual

On several occasions during andwe modified the facility in order to allow us to, among other things: Below is a table that shows our key operating data as a percentage of sales. Adelphia filed for bankruptcy in June We have received and may continue to atris from third parties, including some of our competitors, notices claiming that we have infringed upon third-party patents or other proprietary rights.

40b reliability and robust design enables our customers to compete with the incumbent local telephone company with an equivalent, and often superior, service offering. We do not anticipate any further warranty expenses to be incurred in connection with this product.

Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders. Under the terms of the transaction, we issued 5. In connection with the exchange, we made a make-whole interest payment of approximately 0. Our product sourcing strategy centers on the use of contract manufacturers to subcontract production. The entire line of our products is marketed and made available to existing and potential international customers.


To connect two or more computers to the Ethernet port, you need a hub or broadband router available at computer retailers. Inventories are stated at the lower of average cost, approximating first-in, first-out, or market. The value of the restricted stock is being recognized as compensation expense over the related vesting period. We anticipate robust sales of this product family in Net cash provided by used in financing activities.

In response to and in anticipation of the factors described above, we have implemented a long-term business strategy, which includes the following key elements:.

Operational support systems, or OSS, are a group of networked software suites arrks enable operators to automate many of the functions arrls to install, provision, manage and grow a subscriber base while managing, maintaining and upgrading the network for the multiple services offered. Also duringwe adjusted our reserves related to previously closed 4550b.


Concentrations with respect to accounts receivable occur as the Company sells primarily to large, well-established companies including companies outside of the United States. To the Board of Directors and Stockholders. The DPC uses advanced line-interface technology to provide multi-country, toll-quality telephone service using existing in-home wiring.