However, unauthorized use of this company’s software for commercial purposes is prohibited. Retrieved from ” https: Select your product series. With your help, I could make it work within minutes. Second step is to generate the codes list by lirc tools. After a few days recordings have a size of 0 bytes.

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After a few days recordings have a size of 0 bytes. I have to pass -c ES argument for Spain: Please visit this website periodically to review the current Terms of use.

Once compiled you can try this: Does anyone knows how to make it work in Sparky?

Search in This Blog. This product does not work with all laptops.

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The continued use of this website will mean user accept any change. With your help, I could make it work within minutes. We could use dvbstream tool instead of cat. AVerMedia will keep your information and save a backup in the Web site database.

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New USB device strings: Attached at address 0xc6 Registered IR keymap rc-avermedia-ma input: RM-KS is one of those. If you have an older kernel version you will have to compile the kernel module: Unplug the device for 10s and do a reboot. Blog dedicated to linux based systems, open source, free software and other computer related things Compile AF module tutorial.

USB\VID_07CA&PID_A – AVerTV DVB-T Volar X (A) | Device KB

It also tries to initialize the IR remotebut in the end it does not find a suitable firmware. Even if listed from ‘lsusb’ command, the TV device will not display any picture nor sound. AVerMedia does not guarantee that all the drivers provided from this website will meet requirements of the users” current equipments or devices and in no events shall AVerMedia bear any liability, whether express, implied or stipulated by related laws and regulations.

But there are other remote control versions bundled with the device. Glad it was useful to you! You can reach me commenting in the blog, or by email: AFdebianDVBusbvideo streaming.

It doesn’t work in Sparky Linux, my dmesg command doesn’t display any “IR” Line, and my “make” and “make install” efforts are useless. We can list some loaded kernel modules: Publicado por Vicente Hernando en Legal Policy and Terms volqr this Web site: Let’s check if firmware was golar installed: Labels 3G AF android apache arduino backup bash bitcoin bitlbee blog bluetooth boinc boot C chroot commands cpuminer dapper debian dhcpd distro DVB eclair editor emacs errors fedora file extensions filesystems flash gentoo git gnu gparted grid computing gutsy hardy hello world HTML internet IR remote IRC java kamailio kernel avertc lisp litecoin livedistro lua lucid mandrake manifesto mediawiki mplayer opensuse php primes python qemu Qt library repository rights rpm S shell shell scripting sieve of Eratosthenes sony ericsson ki sqlite ssh tass tvants ubuntu usb video video streaming windows wine X Window System xen zattoo.


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