Instead of selecting the ca datacom db driver in the pulldown list in dts, i chose other odbc data source and this let me download tables. Server is using a priority of 7. Select the Advanced tab. Msdasql for microsoft ole db provider for odbc data sources. This is an application error. The application must call the ODBC functions according to the rules for function call ordering. Do not attempt that operation.

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CA Datacom Customers From: The Multi-User Facility specified in the startup JCL, and through which the server is communicating, has abended or is not ca-dztacom/server. Ca odbc ca datacom db driver no updates, deletes or inserts are allowed in sqlprepare the select statement works just fine. The parameter was invalid.

CA Tuesday Tip :CA Datacom Server – ODBC Data S | CA Communities

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Data source missing or too long A data source name is either blank or too long. A request to cancel a connection was received from the communication utility. Please refer to the CA Datacom Server Release Notes for a complete list of the enhancements and benefits for this release.


Conversion not supported A data type conversion was requested that is not supported. Datacom server odbc read only access write needed ca knowledge.

CA Datacom Server. Message Reference Guide. Version 15.00

Quick and reliable database migration application, tested and trusted by thousands of ca-datacom/seerver and individual users in over 80 countries. Versant Object TechnologyFax http: Operating System SupportFax http: The messages and codes listed in this guide provide the following information: For certain error messages or return codes, you are referred to other CA Datacom manuals for details about specific tasks.

Probe Guide for Active Directory Response. I have created an ssis package to pull data from a ca datacom mainframe. Oclaro announces first quarter fiscal year financial.

Unisys and IX: Thank you again for your business. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. After reading some blogs, i came to know this could be possible using the datacom odbc driver which can be used to connect to sql serveror ssis.


DAR: Datacom Server ODBC to support array fetching

Verify that the concatenated library list is correct. CA Application Delivery Analysis User Guide for Windows 1.

Mocana names tech veteran james isaacs chief operating. Pervasive Softwarehttp: Do not attempt that operation. Introduction 9 Chapter 2: Terminal support in the os environment os screen resolution, on ibm os scroll bars, appearance of os Applied Information ServicesFax http: Increase the available storage and resubmit.

December 6, This Documentation, which includes embedded help systems and electronically distributed materials, hereinafter referred to. Lastly, ca datacom and ca idms sql extensions, odbc and jdbc connectivity will be discussed. SAS InstituteFax http: Verify that the name conforms to SQL rules.