The EyeLink plus system is an advanced eye-tracking system, based on the non-invasive acquisition of eye movements using video technology. The Elo touch reacts correctly and generates a mouse click when touching the screen. Box needs to be in General Purpose mode, http: Huh, that’s very strange. Each bit in that byte indicates which key is pressed. The scripts that before worked with the response box and Inquisit 4 don’t seems to work anymore.

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It is on loan from Nenad and the IT office. The button-box we have used for our “sensorimotor synchronisation” experiments is a Cedrus RB response pad. We will update the code once we know exactly what the time drift is and can compensate for it.

Everything you need to know about using PsychoPy in combination with the Eyelink for internal researchers only Room Fill out the user survey to give us feedback and have input on new features. Every button has a unique value for the down press ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, and ” s “BUT have the SAME value for the release all have ” s “. Iolabs device [1] might be better than the Cedrus box detailed below. Thank you, Elena 6. Therefore, the first time a buttons is pressed, Presentation will report “start” events for all buttons EXCEPT the button that was pressed, rather than an “end” event for the buttons that was pressed.


We trigger a photodetector by drawing on the screen at a known time, and have the cedgus send an event into the box. Fast video sampling rates of Hz. The eb-730 that before worked with the response box and Inquisit 4 don’t seems to work anymore. More info on this internal university webpage. High sampling rates up to Hz monocular or Hz binocularly.


I sent you an example of script that was working in Inquisit 4 and doesn’t seem to work anymore. Hi Dave, Thank you for your reply. Head free setup possible. For on-line, during-experiment timing verification we trigger a photodetector by drawing on the screen at cedus known time, and have the photodetector trigger an event in the button box.

Settings for the dip switches on the boxes must be set manually and are different depending on the experimental software you use: The code is also capable of handling two devices at the same time, e. Matt Snodgrass In other words, the problem I have with a two button paradigm, is once one button is released, Presentation won’t be able to distinguish which button rh-730 released and will think BOTH have. It needs a double booking: In your original message, you didn’t mention that Cedrus has said the button release codes should be different.


Facilities provided by the department — Department of Experimental Psychology — Ghent University

Yes they are exactly the same numbers coming from your script. It’s just reporting the codes it receives to you. To avoid this, you need to record both separately. I can implement that workaround for the rest of the script as well if you want to, in addition to the practice part. Kate Cevrus This is a faculty lab room!

Before on Inquisit 4 trial version, since I don’t have the licence anymore it was running ok and in Inquisit 5 if it started up if run only the first page. It’s a strange problem, but at least there seems to be a workaround.

Neurobehavioral Systems

I’m not sure if I follow you. There are two setups in the room: This video-based technology provides measurements for horizontal and vertical eye positions and pupil size. Data is automatically stored into a data file for flexible post-acquisition and analysis. Windows 7 32 bit; Eprime 2.