Page 1 of 2. A really nice idea. If you still get issues with those bigger buffer values then, start by checking your system – http: USB and Firewire audio interfacea seems to be quite sensitive for realtime changes when it comes samplerate and buffer size in question. Thu Oct 01,

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DVDdoug on The Asik tick box needs to be ticked Otherwise you will hear the timecode signal High-pitched whine Output section: I’m very curious to know.

MAYA44 USB External Sound Card

Tue Sep 13, 1: I have two ESI maya 44 pci cards. I tried re-installing Windows 7 with a clean install, made sure I had the latest drivers.

But this is still using the cue as 2nd channel, right? Each channel has a connection with a fader in my hardware mixer. Clients Affiliates Help Desk Forum.

Please let me know. For Quizzes I use a small mixer which has two USB inputs, I route Air to Channel 1 and Cue to Channel 2 and then use the crossfade to mix between the main output and maua44 sound effects which I have sent to cue output, works fine for me. A link to the latest drivers can be found on the common device drivers page.


Now you did describe everything perfect. My workaround is this – because I am a wedding dj, I can’t remember the last time I played anything in stereo so I just use left channel “AIR”, right mayw44 “CUE” – this forces mono playback and I have left and right deck control in my outboard mixer.

Fri Sep 09, 3: I sent them an e-mail at 13 of August, now is 24th of August and still no answer. Again, i have followed the steps above and the problem still exits Tue Jan 10, There is not word on what new features will be offered in the upcoming new versions, nor do we have any estimated dates that these new versions would be released.

ESI MAYA44 USB+ Audio Interface – DJ City

Thu Oct 01, I play my Jingles in Sound FX. One computer started with this distortion one day “out of the blue”. Mon Sep 12, I use two different setups both through USB. When this proccess finished and I ‘ve got the same level of experience index I will send you a p. This problem can’t be audoo coincidence. The sound card which is onboard, indeed has a digital output.


esi maya 44 and distorted sound

The most strange thing on ESI is the after sales support. Today I try to install Windows 7 32 bit on a new hard disk of the same machine.

Thu Jan 26, 5: Now that it’s a PCI card in question, there are other possible culprits causing you this issue. No help at all. Krueger on But both suggestions I made are valid for any of them.