Nokia N95 earphone interface 4. That is because instant software current real-time monitoring as a watchdog protection, long time protection of thermal relay and over current resistance protection ensure the output current can be stabilized Ma but never over Ma. For proper working with this device producer suggest PC computer with bit Windows XP operating system. Test battery – This function is used to have schematics for making your own cables for customers. Eagle Eye – EagleEye is used for measurements of Current. Activation LangPack Editor more. S-Boot Repair cable for Samsung more.

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Sample video from work with Box: This is exclusively on Volcano. LG 12 pin Wersja polska English version Newsletter Create profile Log in.


We don’t uzb any responsibility to use this function. China Mobile 16 pin All the high frequency interference pulse has no access to phone nor to computer, thus it ensures no wrong interference between phone and computer, to make it work more stably.


Of Mk6227 Rota Russian Fed. Motorola V3 10 pin Auto scanners Code readers Counters Diagnostics kits. It’s impossible to collect and analyze analog data when there is no digital resistance.

Excessive access of resistance will inevitably cause phone USB work unstably or even not work completely. Motorola V3 USB interface 7. Information concerning technical requiments: Better software and hardware protected design – This ensures heavy output current from hardware design, but also guarantees it will not burn-out box or phone.

Volcano Box with Pack1 Coolsand Unlock Flash & Repair 28 pcs

Other box can’t provide standing current over 30Ma for they only have one PCB panel. Motorola T earphone interface 3. Information sub the interoperability of digital content: With a more reasonable USB pathway design – Volcano core IC on-resistance value is only 3 ohm while other box uses more than dozens of ohm.

Volcano’s upper panel controls phone connector GND and VCC, which ensures phone to work normally and coordinate with box software analysis to detect charger-pin accurately.

USB programming Step by step

mtk6272 Why choose Volcano box? This function can be used to produce phone charger cable too. Information concerning IMEI change: Test battery – This function is used to have schematics for making your own cables for customers.


This is exclusively on Volcano and no other box has this function. Volcano box controls flexible pull-up resistor value by changing the resistance. For example, make chargers, earphone cables etc.

China Mobile 14 pin All these experience has been proved and tested over years. China Mobile 20 pin Infinity Box PinFinder Adapter 2in1 more.

China 10 pin Each pin has been designed for overvoltage protection and negative pressure protection. All mtkk6227 mentioned on this site are property of their respective companies.

Eagle Eye – EagleEye is used for measurements of Current. This product brings China phones servicing into new level, why?